Dell Quest Migration Tools: Readiness for Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013

Actually we can see a good market response to the new Microsoft Server flagships, Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013.
Migration projects are still ahead and probably will not die in 2013.

The following table shows the readiness of the Quest migration tool suite  and answers the question whether the tool can be installed on a Windows Server 2012, whether it can migrate Active Directory to Windows 2012 and mail systems to Exchange 2013.

Microsoft did not release a new version of ADMT yet (the most actual version is still 3.2), that is fully compliant with Windows 2012 functional mode domains, nor can you install ADMT 3.2 on a Windows Server 2012 member server. Actually, a migration from a Windows 2008 R2 domain to a Windows 2012 domain with 2012 functional level can neither be achieved by using the native tool (ADMT) nor Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory.

Active Directory Product Version Tool installation on Windows Server 2012? Can backup/restore AD data on Windows Server 2012 DCs? OR Can migrate data to Windows 2012 DCs?
Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition 8.2.1 yes yes
Recovery Manager for Active Directory 8.2.1 yes yes
Migration Manager for Active Directory 8.9 No no
Migration Product Version Tool installation on Windows Server 2012? Can migrate data to Exchange 2013? Office 365?
Migration Manager for Exchange 8.9 no no/yes
Migration Manager for Exchange IntraOrg Edition 1.0.1 no yes
Notes Migrator for Exchange 4.6.1 no (no Windows 8 admin workstation) yes/yes
Coexistence Manager for Notes 3.4 no yes/yes
Groupwise Migrator for Exchange 4.2 no (no Windows 8 admin workstation) yes/yes


Quest Migration Manager for Exchange(R) – Support for single hop Exchange 2003 -> 2013 migration


On Redmond Magazine, an article was launched that announces the new Version of QMM (QMM 8.10). The Software is not yet available for download (actual by May, 12th 2013), but promises the single-hop Migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013 which can make a difference for many large IT customers when comparing with Microsoft native approaches.

Due to the Redmond Magazine article:

“One of the exciting things we can do with this product…is  the ability to migrate in a direct single-step migration from Exchange 2003 or Exchange  2000 into the new version of Office 365 or Exchange 2013,” said Ron Robbins,  a product manager at Dell, in a phone interview. “It’s one thing that Microsoft  is not able to support, given the fact that they don’t support legacy platforms  that long and the fact that their native migration solutions don’t migrate  directly from those platforms any longer.”

See the full article here:


With the actual version of Quest Migration Manager for Exchange®, migrating mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013 will require a 2 hop migration process. You have to install an Exchange 2010 transition server into your existing Exchange 2003 environment. You will then perform a 1st hop as an Intra-Org Exchange migration to move the mailboxes to the Exchange 2010 server. The 2nd hop will be an Inter-Org Exchange migration to the target Exchange 2013 organization.

 2hop migration Exchange 2003 to 2013

Although there is special software from Quest available to support the 1st hop, Migration Manager for Exchange Intra-Org Edition, the procedure is still a bit long winded.

Good news:

The plans of Dell/Quest Software are that the next version of Quest Migration Manager for Exchange will support a single hop migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013 in Inter-Org Exchange migration scenarios directly without the requirement of a transition server.

The new version is awaited for Q2/2013.