Exchange 2010: Supposed Misbehavior of Outlook 2010 when proposing “New Time” in meeting requests

Created by Ingo G. from Germany:

The other day some colleagues complained about a misbehaviour of Outlook. It was reported if someone propose a new time for a meeting request, the meeting organizer is not able to accept the proposal. It looks like this:


This looked quite interesting. It took me a while to find the root cause for this:

As this feature is completely handled by Outlook, first I thought the default configuration of Outlook was causing the issue. So I had a look:



But it was set like you can see here in screenshot. As I couldn’t reproduce this behavior, I decided to have a closer look what’s going on. So I stand behind the users to see each step:

• the organizer sent a normal meeting request

• the attendee proposed the new time as follows:

He opened the meeting request and clicked on “Propose New Time”


When you do so, you will get a menu and can choose. Of course it was choosen “Decline and Propose New Time”

Note: When you choose “Decline and Propose New Time” Outlook will first decline the meeting request and then create a new one, which will be send back to the organizer. This is by design!